September 26, 2019

Weight Loss Post Mortem

Like all good failed start ups and sprints, lets post-mortem my weight loss challenge attempt


August 13, 2019

The emergency fund.

As the economy gets a little more wild, its important to be stashing money away.


August 12, 2019

How I got into cycling.

Per Twitter, I got a request to talk about what got me into cycling.


August 10, 2019

How I went from being laid off to employed in a week in a half.

The last Tuesday in July was my last day at my old job. A week and a half later, days full of interviews, I ended up with a job.


July 9, 2019

Staying Motivated

Every so often, the urge to take a break is too strong.


June 30, 2019

On Improving

If you want to improve, you have to find groups willing to let you fail


June 14, 2019

Reinventing Life

My twitter break, coupled with the books Im reading, causes me to perform a retro on life.


April 12, 2019

Invest in yourself.

Close to turning 32, I've looked for ways to enrich my life outside of a computer and code.